Hairless cats

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Hypoallergenic cats are cats that people are allergic least. No cat that is not allergic at all. 15% of the world population is allergic to cats. Currently there are seven known hypoallergenic cat breeds. Females are less allergenic than males. Neutered males produce fewer allergens than those sexually active. Dark cats are more allergenic than those with lighter fur.

The allergen responsible for all adverse reactions is a Fel D-1 protein, which is secreted by salivary glands, primarily, but also the sebaceous glands and finding in the urine also. When the cat licks, very adhesion protein, is attached to the hair or skin. Although we are not directly allergic to hair, he is the one who puts us in contact with the allergen. Dandruff is also responsible for dispersing the allergen protein stuck to exfoliate skin is easily dispersed into the environment.


Elf cat

Bambino cat

Donskoy Shorthair

Levkoy Shorthair