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Exotic Shorthair cat

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  • Country: S.U.A.
  • Origin: Cross
  • Scientific name: Felis catus
  • Weight: 7-12lbs (3-6 kg)
  • Colors: All colors
  • Coat: Short
  • Temperament: affectionate, sociable, discreet
  • Health: prone to genetic diseases
  • Litter size: 4 puppies
  • Lifespan: 8 - 15 years
  • Price: 350$ - 650$
exotic cat

It was formed from crossing the Persian and American Shorthair cat breeds around 1960 and was approved in America only in 1984. Due to its beauty and qualities, it has spread very quickly both on the American continent and on the European one.

Aspect Exotic cat

The Exotic Shorthair breed is characterized by a round head, big and well-spaced eyes, which give the cat a kind look, with an almost childish expression. The ears are well set, widely spaced when in an oblique position, with small tips, slightly rounded and turned forward. You can see the slightly outlined stop, on a small nose, but not the Pekingese type. The body, solid and robut, yet stays elegant and distinct. The limbs are well developed, broad, powerful and robust. The tail is relatively short, but proportional to the length of the trunk.

Behavior Exotic cat

Exotic cats are increasingly popular due to their nature, affectionate, playful and inteligent. We can say with certainty that this breed is the future and will win over other breeds in competitions. It adjusts easily to apartment living conditions, it is very clean and its presence rewards the owner. Easy educated, gets used easily to house rules, is attached to the owner, it's cheerful and full of gentleness and tenderness. A robust and enduring animal it is slightly pretentious and, if properly fed, won't miss any chance to show its beauty and elegant look.

Features Exotic cat

What is typical in this breed is the hair, with a length of 1-4 cm, which among other advantages, won't tangle. In addition, the hair is soft, elastic and even silky. Except the golden color and a few rare varieties, the colors authorized for this breed are the ones allowed for the Persian breed. We meet several color varieties, among which we can mention: the Exotic unicolor, tri-colored, stained, tiger-pattern etc.

Common Diseases Exotic cat

Being a crossbreed from Persian, the Exotic Shorthair is a breed prone to a genetic disease, called polychystic kidney, this is a disease transmitted from the parents. To avoid the disease being passed on to its offsprings, testing is recommended before the breeding. It is also indicated for the kittens to be purchased from a registered breeder and also with their tests done.

Life Span: 8 to 15 years.



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