Colorpoint Shorthair cat

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  • Country: United Kingdom / USA
  • Origin: cross
  • Scientific name: Felis catus
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Colors: 20 colors (white, beige, cream)
  • Coat: short and dense
  • Temperament: intelligent, playful, energetic, communicative
  • Health: beware genetic diseases
  • Litter size: 3 - 5 puppies
  • Lifespan: 12 - 17 years
  • Other names: Colorpoint Shorthair cat
  • Price: 400-700 $
Colorpoint Shorthair cat

Colorpoint Shorthair cat breed was born in 1940 when Siamese cat breeders wanted to create a new breed that looks like Siamese but with more colors.

There were more incrusisari between breeds Siamese breed abbyssiniana and another orange.

You could say it is a Siamese cat with different colors.

Colorpoint Shorthair was known as a distinct breed in 1974, but nevertheless some feline associations consider a variety of Siamese.

Aspect Colorpoint Shorthair cat

The body is similar to the Siamese cat, long and thin, with large triangular head and ears. The legs are thin and long, and the tail is long.

Apparently fragile are stronger than they seem. They are strong and muscular.

Short and dense coat needs minimal care. It has a shiny appearance and is soft to the touch. Not shed much.

The eyes are blue or another color is not permitted. The coat can have 20 colors.

The average weight is 5-7 kg 7-9 kg in females and males.

Behavior Colorpoint Shorthair cat

Being a cat that manifests voice communicating voice, you will definitely know when he's thirsty or hungry. Many consider a "colleague" room because it is so talkative that sometimes answer questions.

It needs your attention and you will be her pet. Attach the master so much that sleep in bed with them if they are allowed.

It is recommended for people with allergies. It needs attention from the owner.

Gets along well with other animals and is an ideal playground for children.

Is an intelligent cat can easily learn tricks, it opens doors or drawers.

When not sleeping exploring is curious that any cat is very agile and athletic and is always on the move.

Features Colorpoint Shorthair cat

It is one of the most "talkative" cats.

The coat is very easy to maintain. Brushing can be done in two weeks. Instead Musa eyes and ears should be cleaned weekly, or more often when young.

When he wants to get a meow and will not leave until you will get what he wants.

He likes to play and do a lot. They carry their favorite toys all over the house. Ernergice and active and likes to climb as high.

Diseases Colorpoint Shorthair cat

Generally healthy. Care should be taken where buy copy because they have some genetic problems.

The most common diseases are heart disease and amyloidosis.

Life expectancy is relatively high. The average age is 12-17 years. Fed and properly cared for can overcome this age.

Pictures Colorpoint Shorthair cat


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