Ashera cat

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  • Country: USA
  • Origin: cross
  • Scientific name: Felis catus
  • Weight: 6 - 11 kg
  • Colors: Leopard
  • Coat: Short
  • Temperament: gentle, calm, friendly, sociable
  • Health: generally healthy
  • Litter size: 1-6 puppies
  • Lifespan: 12 - 14 years
  • Other names: mini tiger cat, small cat Toyger, toy tiger
  • Special features: Ashera cat
  • Price: up to $ 125,000 in 2016
Ashera cat

Ashera is the rarest, largest and most expensive cat in the world.

The breed was created by crossing two domestic cats exotic cat Bengal cat Savanah and laboratories in 2008 in Lifestyle pets.

Most specimens can be found in America, Asia and Russia.

Ashera in ancient mythology was the name of a revered Mother Goddess. Goddess is called domestic cats today.

Aspect Ashera cat

Ashera cat can weighs about 15kg length of one meter.

Ashera cat has fur similar to a leopard. People can ask breed standard Ashera resembling Savannah breed hypoallergenic Ashera GD, Snow Ashera race, and race Top Royal Ashera.

Annually sells about 50 Royal Ashera cats.

Behavior Ashera cat

Ashera cat is renowned for its elegance and going on a leash and socialize children and other animals, such as dogs.

She is gentle, calm, has a quiet temperament and is very friendly.

They say you can leave children home Ashera, although many do not recommend this because children can fret and can react unpleasant.

Features Ashera cat

Ashera cats are hypoallergenic, meaning that contain almost no substance to which people are allergic.

Not picky eaters can consume both home-cooked food and dry food or canned stores.

Ashera cats price of 2013 was over $ 20,000 and nearly 30,000 If I wanted Ashera GD, a rare species with smaller allergens. In 2014 the price had risen to $ 100,000.

Today exceeds $ 125,000. Some collectors pay this amount for a copy of Ashera.

Ashera cat breed breeding details are kept secret by Simon Brodie, owner of Lifestyle Pets.

According to wikipedia Lifestyle Pets sold and Savannah cats instead of Ashera. [1]

Who wants to have in his possession a Ashera cat must wait 9-12 months.

Diseases Ashera cat

Ashera cat breed is generally healthy.

Unlike other breeds of cats it has several advantages because it is so sensitive and willing to disease.

Pictures Ashera cat


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